The goal of this training is to help you delve deeper into your own practice while helping you learn how to teach dynamic vinyasa yoga.  We will give you the tools to be a very successful teacher  and in the process, gain a broad understanding of yoga. Most other trainings emphasize book learning, lecture, and provide few, if any, opportunities to master the art of the actual teaching of yoga. This experience will be different. In short, you will be learning yoga by actually teaching yoga.

5 Reasons to Experience Yoga Teacher Training at Waltham Yoga


  1. Learn in a small group environment with more personalized attention.
  2. Find more confidence in your yoga and yourself
  3. Hands-on curriculum to give you a more thorough understanding of postures, alignment and anatomy
  4. Dive deeper into your personal practice
  5. Have the opportunity to teach at our studio through community classes

We will cover yoga philosophy, anatomy, assisting, and all the requirements for your 200 hour certification/registration with Yoga Alliance.

 More Reasons:

  1. 20 to 30 live practice teaching opportunities with feedback.
  2. Assisting opportunities with feedback
  3. Focus on calling the sequence effectively with minimum words.
  4. Focus on calling breath with motion.
  5. Mastering Presence/Public Speaking

Mastering Presence:

In this Context, Mastering Presence means seeing your students in the present.  It is really the practice of distinguishing what is real now and realizing that everything else is irrelevant.  This discipline will teach you how to connect with your students,  Your students trust and want to follow your direction.  Your teachiing becomes remarkable, easy and fun when your shift fully to these practices.

  1. Learning to teach from love and laugh away fear.  This single practice trumps all others.
  2. Learning to call the class from what you see, not from what you know.  Don’t be a robot!
  3. Learning to see how you break your connection to the class.
  4. Learning how to reclaim your connection and instantly recover from mistakes.
  5. Learning to see the anatomy (and alignment) in each student, plus when and how to address it.
  6. Learning strategies to teach a mixed class of beginners and experienced students
  7. Learning how to plan a class and know when to deviate from it….

This discipline focuses you on your students as they are now. It grounds you in the present like the breath in meditation

Mastering Intuition:

Intuition is beyond presence.  It means letting the teaching flow through you.  It means being fully authentic as a teacher.  It happens when time seems to fly by (actually you step of of time); when there is an ease and a flow to what you are doing, when the exact words come to you precisely when needed, not a moment before and not a moment after; when afterwards you feel energized.


  1. Intuition is blocked the instant doubt appears and is taken seriously; literally, fear pulls you out of it.  Your class seems to drag on, you may feel bored or anxious, the class seems to be a lot of work and it leaves you exhausted.  But you cannot force intuition happen. But you can be aware of fear and doubt and learn how to avoid them.
  2. As you clear away fear, you ultimately experience intuition in real time. 

The demand for well trained certified yoga teachers has grown exponentially and continues to grow! The Certified Yoga Teacher program follows the guidelines established by Yoga Alliance for 200 hour certification.

Space is limited! Start your journey here!

After having a steady yoga practice for  8 years, teaching for 5 years and owning a studio for 3 years my views on yoga have changed a lot….or have they really?
When I first started yoga I thought it was a pretty cool way to sweat and exercise.  As my practice began to evolve and I got to know other “yogi’s”,  I learned quickly that some of what I was doing was frowned upon. A lot of snickering  “that is not yoga or  yoga is more than that”.
Eight years later and at a completely different comfort level in the “yoga world” and life, the previous statement makes me laugh. I don’t know all there is to know about  yoga but what I do know is you can’t always define it or put it into words.
Sometimes the vocabulary I use to describe things is not the whole story of what I feel.
 For example:
Ever try to put into words the feeling you have after leaving a yoga class; or for you non “yogi’s” going for a run or walk.  You may get a small amount of what your feeling  into words but it is not the whole story.
Here are some things I realize have a direct impact on how I practice and teach:
 I have no more than a high school education ( and did not even take that very serious) I have no desire to ever sit in a classroom again. This has zero reflection on my intelligence or ability to teach.
 I refuse to be guarded on what I have to say and express it with the words I have available to me.
 I do not believe in silencing myself for the purpose of being politically correct as long as I believe it is not hurting anyone.
 I know I can not control how others react to what I say and I am okay with that.
 Being who I am is good for me.
For the past 5 years I have made a strong self asana practice a priority.  Practicing for the past year  at least 5 or 6 times a week by myself.
I have had no injuries or overuse of any muscles. I realized that by listening to my own cues and aligment instead of other teachers interpretation of alignment has kept me safe.
Therefore,  lately my classes have minimal alignment and cues, and have become more  about moving your body and  staying mindful as you move.
I like and teach basic yoga, not the asana part but the philosophy part.  I was never one to listen to what other people thought I should do
And this holds true to my yoga, so I believe you should be good to yourself and others, and see where it falls.
So then what  do i teach ?
Honestly I don’t care if people call it yoga.  I do not feel I have to follow any liniage or study with a guru.
This is real life, I have a wife a daughter, a full time job outside the yoga world to support a comfortable lifestyle.  I own a home, a vacation home and I even have a boat.
I have worked very hard for everything I have, no one has given me anything and I am proud of it.
I enjoy the balance I have found with yoga, it fits my life;  my real life
I have found my best way use yoga in my life and not let my life be dictated by yoga
Some people would say I am not a true Yogi and I say to that GOOD!  I do not want to be anything that tries to squeeze me in a box.  But I believe that being authentic and true to myself makes me the best Yogi I can be.
This is what I teach.
I will continue to teach and practice my version of “yoga”


I wanted to write this blog because I truly believe yoga is for everyone. The more I practice and the more I am around yoga, the less I feel the need to conform to what most people think of when the word “yoga” is mentioned. I don’t have any tattoos, I don’t wear mala beads, I don’t meditate in the traditional sense, I don’t enjoy chanting and I am not very introspective. I have been in the construction business for the last 20 plus years surrounded by people, most of who,  are completely opposite from those who are in the yoga community. I try to be kind, but in business I find the balance of where to hold my ground and do what needs to be done…whether that means killing a spider,firing someone or speaking my mind even when it means escalating tensions and creating dissension to be somewhat contrary to many yogic beliefs.  So how is it that I love yoga so much?  Now-don’t get me wrong, I am not putting down anyone or anything.  I have chosen to surround myself in this environment because I love and enjoy the yoga community but I realize I don’t have to be like anyone but me. I am not searching for anything nor am I  looking for a guru or mentor. I love to learn,  but I don’t feel like anyone is on a different or  higher level when it comes to yoga than me. I am one of those people who believe everyone has a huge value and plenty to share and teach in their own way. My wife teases me, laughs and says “well there is NO ONE better than you, is there?” and every time, I think I should say of course there is, I stop, think for a moment (always wanting to tell the truth) and then I say “you’re right, there is no one better than me.”  Saying this at the expense of people misunderstanding it for being cocky, what I mean is that I don’t believe anyones interpretation of yoga is better than mine is to me.    My wife recently really made me think when I was talking to her about a person who isn’t one of my favorite people, and she said “well you know that’s because your personality or ego walks into the room before you get there and so does this persons. Two strong personalities thats all.”  It was the first time I EVER thought of my personality as being strong. I was thinking; wait – what ? me ? no way!  I am quite and reserved. I got a reply of “really? come on.”  Now being able to sit back, slow down and think about this 1 month later is because of yoga. It is because I can try…try being the key word here to separate my ego and be okay with thinking about things in a different way. It is amazing to me how everything is connected. The more I practice the physical parts of yoga the stronger I feel, the more confident I get, the more I am able to open my mind to things I don’t agree with but can understand. I recently started taking a weekly workshop with an amazing instructor, Georgia Reath,  and a group of gifted people. Space is given for each individual to explore their  own version of yoga. The group seems to be  more introspective than myself, and when I first thought about writing this I thought it would be more about how different I am BUT not that I’m done I have to ask….what is different ? If we are truly all there for our own individual journey but there to support each other along the way…maybe I am not so different and maybe I do belong….


Happy Yoga Birthday to MeImage

So my yoga birthday is coming up. (Yes, some of us yogi types keep track of such things).  This November I’ll have been practicing for 10 years and I’ve been thinking about how to commemorate the anniversary.    I love tracking milestones and I love rituals; I believe it is important to acknowledge the sacred moments in our lives that are both small and momentous at the same time.  Maybe I’d offer a workshop, maybe I’d write a blog, maybe I’d pick a super hard crazy pretzel pose and devote myself to it for the next year. Yeah, maybe that pretzel pose one….

Recently, while practicing one night, I figured it out – the perfect way to celebrate my yoga birthday.

I hate to use a ten dollar word like epiphany, but it was. It was an epiphany.  It came to me in Warrior One, my second least favorite pose, after Utkatasana.  I was struggling, as always, running through alignment cues in my head: right hip back, left hip forward, hips can’t square but try and square ribs, relax shoulders, ground pinkie toe side of back foot and lift inner arch, roll left inner thigh back to move the hip forward, relax shoulders AGAIN.  (Like I said, this is not a peaceful pose for me.)  And then my inner chatter really revved up –  “I will NEVER get this pose!  After 10 years, I should at least be able to do a freaking Warrior One! Left hip forward, right hip back….. ”

But then the chatter stopped just long enough for this thought to break through: “Hey yogi – the fact that you don’t “get” it – that is EXACTLY THE POINT.  There is no “get” for Warrior One, so why don’t you chill out!  Um, and while you are at it, relax your shoulders AGAIN.”

Riiiiight.   If I “got” it, what would that mean – I’d start working on a shopping list in my head until the pose was over?  Of course not.  If my goal is to “get” a pose, then my practice will always be one of disappointment (and mean-girl self lectures.)   The point is to simply try and see what is gleaned by that simple act. (Spoiler alert: the results usually show up more in the mind than in the hips.)  I bet my FIRST yoga teacher in my FIRST yoga class ever told me this too – but it took a few years (ok, 10) for it to really sink in….

As a yoga birthday present to me, I’m giving myself Warrior One. I’m going to think of this pose like a good friend who tells me when I have spinach in my teeth – a treasure in my life keeps me honest and humble and lets me laugh at my own absurdities.  In same way that it’s not about the spinach ( it’s about the friend – you know that, right?) it’s also not about the physical poses. It’s about being open, giving it a whirl and observing what happens next.  Maybe for you it’s not Warrior One, but I’ll bet there is a pose (or two or three) that you think is your nemesis, but is actually your new best yoga friend.

So on my yoga birthday, I’m going to meet up with my good buddy Warrior One and see what mischief we can get into.

Oh, and maybe write a blog about it.



Why do people look at me like I am from another planet, or like I am punishing my daughter when I watch my diet and my daughters diet?

THE FIVE  Most common questions and statements I get asked or confronted with:

  1. “We ate all that stuff and we survived”– Really? Surviving? Is that enough? How about we strive to excel? How about trying to decrease our chances and our children’s chances of cancer, obesity, kidney disease, heart disease, etc.  I want so much for my and my daughter’s future; for her  to be healthy and for me to be an active participant in it, not just “surviving” in it..
  2. “Are you really not going to let her have a piece of that birthday cake?” Hmmmm…..fluorescent blue frosting with what looks like an edible picture of Papa Smurf on top. Is there ANYTHING real in that cake  sold by the Giant wholesaler that also sells lawn mowers and fertilizer? Do you think the buyer from the corporation who is in charge of purchasing the ingredients for your cake gives any thought to nutrition? or is it about profit? Ever ask yourself…are there any eggs? any butter? Anything natural?  Would you give your child a zip lock bag of high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, more chemicals than I can write or pronounce, along with fake powdered eggs, bleached flower so that they could add a cup of partially hydrogenated highly processed and refined oil to mix together to eat?  AWESOME!!!!  Am  I crazy? Add to that the soda, juice boxes, ice cream, candy and other stuff that our kids are exposed to…. YIKES!
  3. “All the other kids are having some….,  you can’t just have her watch, that’s just mean.”  Your right, it’s really difficult to say no and many times, I can’t , but ….Really? If everyone else was sticking his or her hand in a fire should we follow along? How about teaching our children that we don’t have to do what everyone else does.  Be an individual, a trendsetter, not a follower. My Daughter is my responsibility. If I wouldn’t put it in my own body, should I allow her to have it just “because everyone else is”?  Does she know any better? Not yet, but someday she will make her own choices and hopefully  she will be equipped with enough knowledge to make the right decision,  but for now  it’s up to us to protect her.
  4.  “Man you are so skinny, You need to just cut loose and go eat a Hamburger” I usually just laugh. But the truth is no one wants to go down on a sinking ship alone, they want me to join in so they feel better about what they choose to put in their bodies. (I do eat red meat once in a while, I am just more concerned about how it was raised, fed, lived and slaughtered. ) Most people have a bit of a skewed view on what healthy looks like. Health has no shape. Health is something you feel and radiate.  
  5. “The government would not allow anything to be sold to the public that was not safe”.  I will not justify this one with an answer just imagine the look on my face.

Peace out


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what defines “yoga”. And the more I thought about it, the more questions seemed to arise. For example, does yoga have to follow certain rules?  Can’t any exercise contain a certain element of yoga?

Over time, I’ve heard statements about yoga such as:

  • Studios must contain true yoga “traditions” to be a true yoga studio.
  • A fast moving class cannot be yoga. There is just not enough time to explore each     pose if done too quickly.
  • Young, inexperienced instructors do not have enough understanding of yoga to verbalize their interpretation of yoga.
  • Music does not belong in yoga or yoga has to have yoga music.
  • Less is more in the long run when it comes to your limits in yoga.

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People have been asking me “what do you eat?”  We all recognize that diet and exercise need to go hand-in-hand to live healthy. So…here is a weekend list of food I ate, in exact detail. It should be noted that I am not a nutritionist, so this is just me listening to my body, and using a little common sense when it comes to food choices. I took the time to write everything down by keeping a food journal and I was amazed at how much fruit I eat! I thought it would make a good post so you can take away some tips and ideas for your own daily meals.
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