IMG_1991All Levels Yoga

In this class we link powerful breath with the dynamic movements of the body based in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga. This series of flow cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance. It is an energetic practice that tones the entire body as well as disciplining the mind. The room is warmed to allow your body to open up and detox. Open to all levels of students, these classes will leave you feeling light and open to possibilities.

IMG_2002Power Yoga

A powerful fast paced yoga workout using traditional yoga postures and incorporating them into a flow that will leave your muscles and body thoroughly exhausted, yet energized and your breath and mind more at peace. For all levels, modifications provided for every level. The room is warmed to 90 degrees. Bring an open mind and be ready to sweat, learn and maybe even get to know your body on a deeper level.

yoga3Flow Foundations

Flow Foundations we’ll look at the alignment of many of the poses you’ll encounter in a flow class and learn to safely and confidently transition in and out of them.  For newer students, we’ll take some of the mystery out the postures and more seasoned practitioners will find new ways to look at old favorites.  We’ll move, strengthen, lengthen and give you the knowledge to feel like a pro on your mat!

IMG_1989Relax and Renew

In Relax & Renew we will use props to support ourselves and long holds to help the body to stretch. Through the poses and our breath our body will soften and relax. The pace will be slow. A great compliment to a regular vinyasa practice. All levels welcome.A slower pace yoga class, designed to help students stretch tight muscles and loosen stiff joints.