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People have been asking me “what do you eat?”  We all recognize that diet and exercise need to go hand-in-hand to live healthy. So…here is a weekend list of food I ate, in exact detail. It should be noted that I am not a nutritionist, so this is just me listening to my body, and using a little common sense when it comes to food choices. I took the time to write everything down by keeping a food journal and I was amazed at how much fruit I eat! I thought it would make a good post so you can take away some tips and ideas for your own daily meals.

This is from a weekend away in New Hampshire:


5:00 am  2 cups of coffee with organic cream, 2 local soft boiled eggs from farmers market

6:00 am smoothie – arugula, mango, blueberries, watermelon, avocado, frozen banana

9:30 small peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread and a whole grain wheat puff with peanut butter. (Tip: ate this before entering an amusement park, hoping it would keep me full and away from crappy amusement park food)

12:30 sandwich of fresh made local mozzarella, local tomato, basil from our garden and olive oil on multigrain bread from farmers market.  Cucumber and plums. (Tip: was a nice packed meal for lunch!)

6:00 raw almonds

8:00 take out from our favorite Italian restaurant including sliced octopus with hearts of palm, olives and organic mixed greens, kale mixed salad, sea weed salad from organic market next door, eggplant parm with house made mozzarella over whole wheat pasta (Tip: not all take out is bad for you! And we did share this as a family.).

8:30 locally made ice cream – chocolate peanut butter cayenne pepper, and strawberry lime black pepper about a half of cup of each and a couple of potato chips that were on the table (Tip: don’t forget to satisfy cravings or else you end up eating more than you want!).


6:30  3 cups of coffee with organic cream

10:30 (at a restaurant) bowl of oatmeal with milk and a touch of brown sugar, ½ of a cinnamon roll, some home fries a few bites of an egg white omelet a piece of whole wheat toast and a tiny piece of my daughters French toast (there was no fruit at this restaurant – sad but true)

8:00 cannellini bean soup; made with a crock pot with garlic, dried cannelloni beans olive oil, napa cabbage, carrots, tomatoes red pepper, salt and pepper

9:00 cherries

Monday – back home:

6:00 whole milk grass fed yogurt about a cup, raspberries, strawberries and a little drizzle of maple syrup

9:30 1hour and a half of yoga

12:00 Salad arugula, spinach sunflower seeds, tomato, cucumber, avocado blue cheese and dried cherries with no salt or sugar added.

Dressing  extra virgin olive oil balsamic vinegar shallots mustard and Himalayan pink salt to taste and a nectarine

2:30 big bowl of watermelon and bowl of honeydew melon

8:30 leftover cannelloni bean soup; made from crock-pot with garlic dried cannelloni beans olive oil, Napa cabbage, carrots, tomatoes red pepper, salt and pepper

dessert: grapes, cherries, honey dew melon, 5 pieces of sliced emmentalier swiss cheese, small piece of date walnut cake and 6 ginger snaps (the snaps were a splurge leftover from vacation!)

What would be on your food journal? As the season’s change, now is a great time to introduce new fruits and vegetables into the mix and take advantage of local farms and markets before they close for the season.




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